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We’ve all experienced the thrill of being part of an amazing team, if only for a fleeting moment.
Trust, collaboration, and that unstoppable feeling - it’s magic. So, how do you design a winning
team? Is it more about raw talent or chemistry? How do you scale that design across the
organization so productivity soars and your culture thrives?

Talent Harvest is a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) & Talent Optimization Certified consulting firm. We help
businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their
business strategy.

We then leverage the best talent optimization tools to help these organizations hire the right
people, manage and inspire them to achieve maximum business results as fast as possible.


Talent Harvest is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world’s leading talent
optimization platform.

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Flat monthly or hourly rates to plant seeds for success now for better business results later.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

We become an extension of your Talent Team.  We offer a tiered and cost-effective monthly flat fee structure based on the number of open requisitions.  Helping you to mitigate talent acquisition costs.


Project-Based Consultants

We provide strategic and tactical hourly Consultants for your project needs

Talent Optimization Consultation

Diagnose, Design, Hire and Inspire!  The latest discipline business leaders are using to align their people with their business strategy.

Business Meeting


Cultivate your image, hone your digital presence, and become more attractive to employers.

  • Professional Bios, LinkedIn Summaries, and Profile Buildouts

  • LinkedIn Coaching (Getting Recruited, Finding Jobs, Growing Network, & More)

  • Career & Interview Coaching

  • Resume Makeovers & Cover Letters / Pitches

Business Growth


Connect with us at Talent Harvest to learn how we can help you grow new opportunities and reap the rewards.