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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

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Talent Harvest Founded to Socially Optimize Brands’ Approach to Filling Job Roles

New talent management consulting firm helps companies organically ‘harvest’ best-of-the-best job candidates

COLUMBUS, OHIO (August 7, 2018) – Talent Harvest announces their official launch of the company in August 2018 in response to the growing demand of small-to-medium companies needing a smarter, more affordable way to attract and convert qualified job seekers. A full-service talent management and consulting firm, Talent Harvest will specialize in helping companies and their executive leadership brand themselves in ways that both elevate their online presence across all communication channels—and attract top talent.

#TalentHarvest is founded by John LaMotta, an industry veteran with more than two decades of diversified experience working with nationally-recognized brands and human resource / #staffing companies. After recognizing an increasing trend of companies not receiving their return on recruiting investments, he ‘harvested’ a more fruitful strategy for equipping hiring managers with the social presence, content media and #branding tools to bring the most qualified job candidates to them.

“I noticed that companies were spending way too many hours, costs and resources on advertising, job boards and outbound marketing just to try to fill job roles. And even if people did see the job ad, a lot of times they were not impressed enough – either with the company or the leadership – to actually apply for the job,” said John LaMotta, Founder & Owner of Talent Harvest. “After being in the recruiting and staffing world for so long, I learned that a lot of these prospective job candidates did not want to apply for those jobs due to factors like, they didn’t know enough about the company, or they disliked the lack of its social media presence.”

Added LaMotta: “Today’s job seekers do their research, and it’s all online. They check out the company website, the social media profiles, the leadership personal profiles, and the employee reviews. You can have the most attractive job ad, but if there’s no company or executive branding to support it, then it won’t convert.”

It’s why #TalentHarvest created a platform to guide and support companies with their recruiting and social branding efforts and enable them to strategically attract, onboard and retain talent. Included in Talent Harvest’s available services and packages are Talent Acquisition Consulting, Organizational Planning, Content Marketing Strategies and Consulting, Personal & Executive Branding, Social Media Optimization, Career & Interviewing Coaching, and more. 

“My goal is to bring the right people to the right roles as quickly, seamlessly and affordably as possible so that companies can spend more time on investing in developing their existing employees instead of wasting efforts on trying to find them,” said LaMotta. “I help them create a branded content funnel that organically draws them in.”


About Talent Harvest

Talent Harvest is a full-service talent management and consulting firm specialized in socially elevating brand and leadership profiles to organically attract the right people for the right roles. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Talent Harvest services small-to-medium B2B and B2C businesses nationwide.


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