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Recruitment as a Service: Unpacking the recruitment industry’s best model

A reliable recruitment service with affordable rates to fulfill your people strategy

Founding the Talent Harvest Recruitment Service

After dedicating more than 20 years as a recruiter at top-tier human resource and staffing companies, I recognized a growing gap in the industry: Companies were investing more money, time, and resources in recruiting employees, but were receiving less and less on their return on investment.

I founded Talent Harvest to change that.

Our recruitment service was designed with clients and candidates in mind to ensure both parties have a positive experience and received the best value out of their investment, whether it be time, energy, or financial resources.

Working with Talent Harvest Recruitment Consultants

Our recruitment consultants become an extension of our clients’ talent teams by learning about the values, operations, and strategies of your company. This enables us to represent the client’s brand in our talent search, evaluate candidates for a skill-based and cultural fit, and advise client leadership on the best talent acquisition processes and talent optimization strategies for their unique business.

Talent Harvest consultants are engaged in the process from start to finish, and we execute on the details so you can focus on the big picture. We source, screen, and qualify candidates, finalize offers with client leadership, provide and negotiate offers with selected candidates, conduct reference checks, and coordinate with the client to onboard new employees.

Why Recruitment as a Service… and Why Now?

Earlier this spring, companies from every industry faced steep drops in revenue and cash flow, forcing them to make abrupt budget cuts, first in discretionary spending and then reductions in force.

As you develop your 2021 budget, perhaps your business is restabilizing itself in the face of the uncertain economy, or perhaps you’re feeling frantic for some wave of relief. Many small and mid-sized businesses are not in the place to devote resources to in-house recruiting teams or pay costly placement fees from staffing and executive search firms.

Talent Harvest, a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) company, is the best of both worlds. We’re invested in your business just like full-time employees (FTE), but we don’t tie up resources in the form of salaries, benefits, and perks that FTEs do. We have the expertise of staffing and executive search firms, but we don’t charge commission or placement fees, which can cost up to 20% of the annual salary for the role you are hiring.

By partnering with Talent Harvest, you can save tens of thousands of dollars that would typically pay those fees because instead we charge affordable monthly flat rates per open requisition, and you can still hire top talent.

Implement Talent Optimization to Achieve Your People Strategy & Business Goals

Talent Harvest’s expert consultants recommend integrating talent optimization practices into your recruitment process. Talent optimization is the discipline of aligning your business strategy with your people strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. defines the foundation of talent optimization as the collection, analysis, and application of people data.

We offer our clients the option of purchasing a subscription to The Predictive Index software, the world’s leading talent optimization platform. Talent Harvest will coach your leaders to use this analytics tool to achieve results. They will receive invaluable people data that will help you align executive and team strategies, identify candidates who are most naturally suited for a role, maximize your workforce’s talent and potential, inspire employees based on their unique behavioral drives, and evaluate employee engagement.

Working with us to properly implement talent optimization practices and leverage people data can help you predict candidate-specific job success, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement, therefore helping you to achieve your goals more efficiently and gain a competitive edge in the market. Read our recent blog to learn more about the benefits of talent optimization.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation today to learn more about how Talent Harvest can customize a plan to meet your 2021 budget and hiring needs.

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