At our core, we harvest the best-of-the-best talent and connect them to companies—simply, quickly and affordably. Moreover, we work with a client to Optimize Talent to achieve business results.  



After 2o+ years in senior executive roles at top-tier human resource and staffing companies, our Founder recognized a growing gap in the industry: Companies were investing more money, time and resources in recruiting prospective employees, but were receiving less and less on their return of investment.


John founded Talent Harvest to change that. 


Our expertise niche is small-to-medium B2B and B2C businesses, as our team’s diverse industry experience includes helping startups to high-profile brands attract, onboard and retain talent.

And since connecting talent is all about people, one of our values is interpersonal relationships.


We don’t bury our head in resumes, forms, and paperwork; we look up and across to engage in conversations. From those conversations originate proven marketing talent-focused campaigns that build and leverage digital media, content platforms and communication channels.

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